Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Travelling with Babies

Travelling with babies or young todlers always needs lot of pre preparation. Right from their clothes to foods. I often feel that i am a mobile storage device :) My handbag carries more of my baby stuffs than mine.

Even if i step out for a while i make sure i carry necessary things for my baby like water, snacks, wipes, diaper etc.

Me and my hubby are fond of travelling, and we have been travelling almost every month, which has inturn given me more understanding of how to handle my baby and what to carry for her when we are out. Things that one should always keep in mind are the basic neccesities for the babies. Below is a list that are required when out on a travel.

Feeding Bottles
Extra Diapers
Milk powder or small tetrapacks of fresh milk
Baby food ( if its long distance travel )
Boiled Water
Baby lotion
Stroller (can be optional)
Favourite Toy
Favourite Book

So next time you travel, you are sure to carry these basics for your baby. Happy Voyage !!!!